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Solar For Your Future
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The 70's Called, They Want Their Electric Grid Back
New England has the oldest grid in the country, it needs repairs constantly, and all those costs get passed to you. Oh, and you're also getting slammed with exorbitant delivery fees just to get their dirty power to your home. Our process is super simple. Check out our free webinar and learn how to take back control with clean, sustainable solar power that ALSO looks amazing on your roof, all for ZERO down.

Not all sun is equal.

We help you navigate the different ways to go solar and make sure you know which makes the most sense for your home. We'll assess your roof and your power needs, and if solar is a good fit for your home, we'll make the switch to sustainable, renewable energy easy every step of the way. From the second we talk, to the time your solar panels start producing that clean, beautiful electricity, we deliver the tools, support and advice you need to make going solar super simple.
Save Money & the Planet 
Today, electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. We offer a cleaner and safer alternative  so that we can all feel good about energy again.
On average, the environmental impact of a home with solar over 20 years is the equivalent of planting 3,450 trees and getting 29 cars off the road. 
Choose How You Save
We’ll take a look at your energy needs, tell you how much you can save by installing solar panels, and which option would make the most sense for your home: 

Solar Purchase: See immediate monthly savings on your power bill
Solar PPA: No upfront cost and only pay for the power you produce
Solar Loan: Finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment
Solar Lease: No money down and guaranteed solar production 
Increase Home Value
Not everyone is in their forever home, chances are you may be selling at some point. According to Zillow.com, homes with solar panels not only sell faster, but on average sell for 4.1% more than homes without solar. 
The Future is Here
Our process is super simple. The solar system collects the energy directly from the sun and converts it into usable electricity to power your home, providing you with cleaner and cheaper electricity. 

Whether you choose to pay for the system or only the power, we'll help you navigate the different solar options from start to finish and maximize your savings.

Solar That Looks As Good As It Works

Shame on those fly-by-night companies using the chunky, blue panels on racks you've seen around town. They look like garbage. Our panels are premium, low-profile, black-on-black, and look gorgeous on your roof. We know that saving 30% on your utility bill isn't exactly winning the lottery, so we make the decision to switch to clean, renewable energy an easy decision by focusing on the aesthetics of your system, not only the savings. And for our eco-warriors out there? Over the next 20 years, the three systems below will have a combined environmental impact of planting 10,351 trees and getting 87 cars off the road.

  • $4000 Electrical upgrades (FREE)
  • Cheaper power every month
  • No cost to install
  • ​No payments towards the system

– Sarah S.
Rockland, MA

  • $9200 Roof replacement (FREE)
  • $1200 Tree work (FREE)
  • ​Cheaper power every month
  • ​​No cost to install
  • ​​No payments towards the system ​ 

– Fred S.
Milton, MA

  • $29k system only $8k after incentives 
  • Breaking even under 7 years
  • Mailbox $$ for another 3 years
  • ​No cost to install

– J. Holt
Kingston, MA

Ready to Go Solar?
Simply put, we take care of things so you can have clean, solar electricity at a predictable rate. 
And all of this at no upfront cost to you.
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